Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - August 3

1873: Alexander Posey is born. (Explore: Alexander Posey)

1887: Rupert Brooke is born. (Explore: Rupert Brooke, The Soldier, Peace)

1920: Phyllis Dorothy James White (P. D. James) is born. (Explore: An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, P. D. James, The Children of Men)

1924: Joseph Conrad dies. (Explore: Heart of Darkness, The Secret Sharer, Joseph Conrad)

1924: Leon Uris is born. (Explore: Exodus, Leon Uris, Trinity)

1937: Diane Wakoski is born. (Explore: Diane Wakoski, The Emerald City of Las Vegas, Jason the Sailor)

1937: Marvin Bell is born. (Explore: View, Marvin Bell, To No One in Particular)

1943: Steven Millhauser is born. (Explore: The Knife Thrower, Eisenheim the Illusionist, Steven Millhauser)

1954: Colette dies. (Explore: Gigi, The Vagabond, Colette)

1964: Flannery O’Connor dies. (Explore: A Good Man Is Hard to Find, Good Country People, Flannery O'Connor)