Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - May 29

1874: G. K. Chesterton is born. (Explore: The Man Who Was Thursday, G. K. Chesterton, The Invisible Man)

1892: Frederick Schiller Faust (Pen name: Max Brand) is born. (Explore: Destry Rides Again, Montana Rides Again, Singing Guns)

1892: Alfonsina Storni is born. (Explore: Alfonsina Storni, Explain the poem "Peso Ancestral" by Alfonsina Storni.)

1911: W. S. Gilbert dies. (Explore: The Gondoliers, The Pirates of Penzance, W. S. Gilbert)

1938: Ron Milner is born. (Explore: African American Drama, Who was Ron Milner?)

1958: Juan Ramón Jiménez dies. (Explore: Platero and I, Juan Ramón Jiménez, The Poetry of Jiménez)