Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - April 29

1707: George Farquhar dies. (Explore: The Beaux' Stratagem, The Recruiting Officer, George Farquhar)

1933: C. P. Cavafy dies. (Explore: Ithaka, C. P. Cavafy)

1940: Robert E. Sherwood’s drama There Shall Be No Night is first performed. (Explore: Robert E. Sherwood)

1947: Yusef Komunyakaa is born. (Explore: Ode to a Drum, Yusef Komunyakaa, Reflect on an issue in society and a related aspect in life as found in the...)

1994: Russell Kirk dies. (Explore: Russell Kirk)

2006: John Kenneth Galbraith dies. (Explore: The Affluent Society, A Short History of Financial Euphoria, The Culture of Contentment, Economics in Perspective, John Kenneth Galbraith)