Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - July 27

1835: Giosuè Carducci is born. (Explore: Giosuè Carducci, The Poetry of Carducci)

1870: Hilaire Belloc is born. (Explore: Hilaire Belloc, The Path to Rome, "Men and nations fail by the same powers as those by which they rise."...)

1908: Joseph Mitchell is born. (Explore: Up in the Old Hotel, Joseph Mitchell)

1916: Elizabeth Hardwick is born. (Explore: Sleepless Nights, Elizabeth Hardwick, Seduction and Betrayal)

1929: Harry Patterson is born. (Explore: Drink with the Devil, The Eagle Has Flown)

1932: George Ryga is born. (Explore: The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, George Ryga)

1940: Bharati Mukherjee is born. (Explore: Bharati Mukherjee, The Holder of the World, Tiger's Daughter, What is the meaning of "A Wife's Story"?)

1946: Gertrude Stein dies. (Explore: Melanctha, The Making of Americans, Gertrude Stein)

1962: Richard Aldington dies. (Explore: All Men Are Enemies, Death of a Hero, Richard Aldington)