Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - June 27

1872: Paul Laurence Dunbar is born. (Explore: The Sport of the Gods, Paul Laurence Dunbar, We Wear the Mask)

1926: Frank O’Hara is born. (Explore: A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island, In Memory of My Feelings, Selected Poems)

1928: David Mercer is born. (Explore: David Mercer)

1928: James L. Collier is born. (Explore: My Brother Sam Is Dead, What happens in Chapters 7-10 in My Brother Sam is Dead?)

1936: Lucille Clifton is born. (Explore: Lucille Clifton, The Poetry of Lucille Clifton, The lost baby poem)

1937: Luis Omar Salinas is born. (Explore: Luis Omar Salinas)

1983: Alden Nowlan dies. (Explore: Alden Nowlan)

1989: A(lfred) J(ules) Ayer dies. (Explore: A. J. Ayer, Language, Truth, and Logic, Philosophy in the Twentieth Century)

2005: Shelby Foote dies. (Explore: Shelby Foote)