Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - March 27

1797: Alfred de Vigny is born. (Explore: Cinq-Mars, Alfred de Vigny, The Poetry of Vigny)

1918: Henry Adams dies. (Explore: The Education of Henry Adams, The Letters of Henry Adams, Henry Brooks Adams)

1923: Shusaku Endo is born. (Explore: Endo Shusaku)

1923: Louis Simpson is born. (Explore: Chocolates, In the Suburbs, Louis Simpson)

1931: Arnold Bennett dies. (Explore: Anna of the Five Towns, Arnold Bennett, The Old Wives' Tale)

1950: Julia Alvarez is born. (Explore: In the Time of the Butterflies, Something to Declare, Julia Alvarez)

1988: Charles Willeford dies. (Explore: Charles Willeford)

1989: Malcolm Cowley dies. (Explore: Malcolm Cowley, The Dream of the Golden Mountains, The Flower and the Leaf)