Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - August 26

1874: Zona Gale is born. (Explore: Miss Lulu Bett, Zona Gale)

1875: John Buchan is born. (Explore: The Thirty-nine Steps, John Buchan)

1880: Guillaume Apollinaire is born. (Explore: Always, Guillaume Apollinaire)

1903: Caroline Pafford (Miller) is born

1904: Christopher Isherwood is born. (Explore: Diaries, The Berlin Stories, Goodbye to Berlin, Christopher William Bradshaw-Isherwood)

1914: Julio Cortázar is born. (Explore: Julio Cortázar)

1989: Irving Stone dies. (Explore: The Agony and the Ecstasy, Lust for Life, Irving Stone, Depths of Glory, What is the theme of the novel Lust for Life by Irving Stone?)