Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - June 26

1891: Sidney Howard is born. (Explore: Sidney Howard)

1914: Laurie Lee is born. (Explore: Laurie Lee, Compare the two poems "After Apple Picking'" by Robert FrostĀ  and "Apples"...)

1927: Robert Kroetsch is born. (Explore: Robert Kroetsch, What is the summary/analysis of 'I'm getting old now' by Robert Kroetsch? A...)

1938: James Weldon Johnson dies. (Explore: The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man, James Weldon Johnson, The Creation)

1939: Barbara Chase-Riboud is born. (Explore: Sally Hemings, Barbara Chase-Riboud)

1940: Luis Valdez is born. (Explore: Zoot Suit, Luis Miguel Valdez, Luis Valdez)