Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - April 25

1800: William Cowper dies. (Explore: William Cowper, The Poetry of Cowper, The Letters of William Cowper, The Task)

1852: Leopoldo (Enrique Garcia) Alas (y Urena) is born. (Explore: La Regenta, Leopoldo Alas)

1873: Walter de la Mare is born. (Explore: Walter de la Mare, The Listeners, Collected Poems, All but Blind, Please explain the ending of "All But Blind" by Walter de la Mare.)

1936: Bernard DeVoto publishes a scathing review of Thomas Wolfe’s The Story of a Novel which outrages the sensitive Wolfe and leads to his leaving his longtime editor, Maxwell Perkins. (Explore: Thomas Wolfe)

1939: Ted Kooser is born. (Explore: The Constellation Orion, At the Cancer Clinic, Delights and Shadows, Ted Kooser, What is "Selecting a Reader" by Ted Kooser about?)

1998: Wright Morris dies. (Explore: A Cloak of Light, Plains Song, for Female Voices, Wright Morris, Ceremony in Lone Tree, The Field of Vision)