Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - October 25

1180: Philosopher John of Salisbury dies. (Explore: John of Salisbury)

1400: Geoffrey Chaucer dies. (Explore: The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer, The Franklin's Tale)

1902: Henry Steele Commager is born. (Explore: America's Robert E. Lee, Crusaders for Freedom, The Empire of Reason)

1914: John Berryman is born. (Explore: John Berryman, What is the meaning of John Berryman's poem Winter Landscape?)

1938: Alfonsina Storni dies. (Explore: Alfonsina Storni, Explain the poem "Peso Ancestral" by Alfonsina Storni.)

1941: Anne Tyler is born. (Explore: Back When We Were Grownups, Anne Tyler, Morgan's Passing)

1984: Richard Brautigan dies. (Explore: I Lie Here in a Strange Girl's Apartment, Richard Brautigan, A Confederate General from Big Sur)

1997: The Million Woman March, focusing upon health care, self-help, and education, is held in Philadelphia