Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - September 24

1896: F. Scott Fitzgerald is born. (Explore: The Great Gatsby, Winter Dreams, This Side of Paradise, F. Scott Fitzgerald)

1912: Robert Lewis Taylor is born. (Explore: Robert Lewis Taylor)

1934: John Brunner is born. (Explore: The Jagged Orbit, The Shockwave Rider, John Brunner)

1944: Eavan Boland is born. (Explore: It's a Woman's World, Eavan Boland, Mother Ireland)

1951: Roberto G. Fernandez is born

1976: D. L. Coburn’s drama The Gin Game is first performed. (Explore: The Gin Game, D(onald) L(ee) Coburn, D. L. Coburn)

2004: Françoise Sagan dies. (Explore: Bonjour Tristesse, Françoise Sagan, Françoise Quoirez)