Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - November 24

1713: Laurence Sterne is born. (Explore: Laurence Sterne, A Sentimental Journey, Tristram Shandy)

1924: Sidney Howard’s They Knew What They Wanted is first performed. (Explore: Sidney Howard)

1925: William F. Buckley Jr. is born

1936: Manlio Argueta is born. (Explore: One Day of Life, Manlio Argueta)

1945: Nuruddin Farah is born. (Explore: Secrets, Links, Nuruddin Farah)

1990: Roald Dahl dies. (Explore: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Roald Dahl, The Magic Finger)

2004: Arthur Hailey dies. (Explore: Airport, Strong Medicine, Arthur Hailey)