Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - March 22

1758: Jonathan Edwards dies. (Explore: Jonathan Edwards, Freedom of the Will, Works of Jonathan Edwards)

1832: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe dies. (Explore: Poetry and Truth from My Own Life, Wanderer's Night Song, Johann Goethe)

1842: Stendhal dies. (Explore: Stendhal)

1908: Louis L’Amour is born. (Explore: Hondo, The Shadow Riders, Louis L'Amour)

1909: Gabrielle Roy is born. (Explore: Gabrielle Roy, The Cashier, Street of Riches)

1910: Nicholas Monsarrat is born. (Explore: The Cruel Sea)

1911: Bienvenido N. Santos is born. (Explore: Bienvenido N. Santos)

1930: Stephen Sondheim is born. (Explore: Stephen Sondheim)

1948: Andrew Lloyd Webber is born. (Explore: Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Webber)

1979: René Marqués dies. (Explore: René Marqués)

1986: Harriette Simpson Arnow dies