Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - February 22

1876: Gertrude Bonnin is born. (Explore: Gertrude Bonnin)

1900: Luis Buñuel is born. (Explore: Luis Buñuel)

1903: Morley Callaghan is born. (Explore: All the Years of Her Life, Morley Callaghan, A Cap for Steve, Two Fishermen, In "A Cap for Steve" by Morley Callaghan, what does the cap itself...)

1911: Frances Ellen Watkins Harper dies. (Explore: Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Analyze "The Slave Mother" by Frances E.W. Harper.)

1938: Ishmael Scott Reed is born

1944: Felice Picano is born

1978: Phyllis McGinley dies. (Explore: Reactionary Essay on Applied Science, The Conquerors, Phyllis McGinley)