Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - October 22

1906: Sidney Kingsley is born. (Explore: Men in White, Detective Story, Sidney Kingsley)

1919: Doris Lessing is born. (Explore: The Golden Notebook, Play with a Tiger, Doris Lessing, How I Finally Lost My Heart)

1920: Timothy Leary is born. (Explore: Design for Dying, Timothy Leary)

1928: Jayanta Mahapatra is born

1934: Gerald Robert Vizenor is born

1935: Ann Rule is born

1941: Max Apple is born. (Explore: The Oranging of America, Max Apple, Bridging)

1995: Kingsley Amis dies. (Explore: Girl, 20, The Green Man, Kingsley Amis)

1998: Eric Ambler dies. (Explore: A Coffin for Dimitrios, Journey into Fear, Eric Ambler)