Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - July 21

1796: Robert Burns dies. (Explore: A Red, Red Rose, Robert Burns, The Jolly Beggars)

1899: Hart Crane is born. (Explore: Legend, At Melville's Tomb, Hart Crane)

1911: Marshall McLuhan is born. (Explore: Marshall McLuhan, The Gutenberg Galaxy, Understanding Media)

1933: John Gardner Jr. is born. (Explore: Grendel, John Gardner)

1940: P. G. Wodehouse, living at villa in Le Touquet, France, is arrested and interned by German occupation forces, as are all English nationals under the age of 60. (Explore: P. G. Wodehouse)

1943: Tess Gallagher is born. (Explore: I Stop Writing the Poem, Tess Gallagher)

1944: Buchi Emecheta is born. (Explore: Buchi Emecheta, Second-Class Citizen, The Slave Girl)