Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - May 21

1688: Alexander Pope is born. (Explore: The Rape of the Lock, Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man)

1771: Christopher Smart dies. (Explore: Christopher Smart, My Cat, Jeoffry, Seatonian Poems/A Song to David)

1790: Thomas Warton dies. (Explore: Thomas Warton)

1916: Harold Robbins is born. (Explore: The Carpetbaggers, A Stone for Danny Fisher, Harold Robbins)

1926: Robert Creeley is born. (Explore: Fading Light, Robert Creeley, The Rain, I Know a Man)

1944: Janet Dailey is born. (Explore: Rivals, The Great Alone)

2000: Barbara Cartland dies. (Explore: Who was Barbara Cartland?)