Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - November 21

1495: John Bale is born. (Explore: King Johan, John Bale)

1694: Voltaire is born. (Explore: Candide, Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary)

1811: Heinrich von Kleist dies. (Explore: The Broken Jug, Heinrich von Kleist, The Beggarwoman of Locarno)

1909: Raja Rao is born. (Explore: Kanthapura, The Serpent and the Rope, Raja Rao)

1929: Marilyn French is born. (Explore: Her Mother's Daughter, The Women's Room, Marilyn French)

1933: Beryl Bainbridge is born. (Explore: A Quiet Life, Beryl Bainbridge, Winter Garden)

1945: Ellen Glasgow dies. (Explore: The Difference, The Woman Within, Ellen Glasgow)