Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - March 20

1727: Sir Isaac Newton dies. (Explore: Sir Isaac Newton, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica)

1770: Friedrich Holderlin is born. (Explore: Friedrich Hölderlin, The Poetry of Hölderlin, Homecoming)

1828: Henrik Ibsen is born. (Explore: Hedda Gabler, Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House)

1904: B. F. Skinner is born. (Explore: Walden Two, B. F. Skinner, Beyond Freedom and Dignity)

1907: Hugh MacLennan is born. (Explore: Barometer Rising, The Watch That Ends the Night, Hugh MacLennan)

1964: Brendan Behan dies. (Explore: The Hostage, Brendan Behan, Borstal Boy)

1994: Lewis Grizzard dies. (Explore: When My Love Returns from the Ladies Room, Will I Be Too Old to Care?)

1995: Sidney Kingsley dies. (Explore: Men in White, Detective Story, Sidney Kingsley)