Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - April 19

1775: The Battles of Lexington and Concord occur, commencing hostilities in the American War for Independence. (Explore: Describe the Battles of Lexington and Concord. How are they significant to...)

1824: George Gordon, Lord Byron dies. (Explore: She Walks in Beauty, Lord Byron, How is Lord Byron a Romantic poet?)

1832: José Echegaray is born. (Explore: The Great Galeoto, José Echegaray yEizaguirre)

1900: Richard Hughes is born. (Explore: A High Wind in Jamaica, Richard Hughes)

1931: Etheridge Knight is born. (Explore: The Poetry of Knight, Etheridge Knight, Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane, The Idea of Ancestry)

1936: Sharon Pollock is born. (Explore: Blood Relations, Sharon Pollock, Analyse the character of Sharon Pollock's title character in Walsh.)

1947: Jackie Robinson becomes the first black to play major league baseball, joining the Brooklyn Dodgers. (Explore: Breakthrough to the Big League, Jackie Robinson, How did Jackie Robinson influence the people of his time and what was his...)

1955: Neil Bissoondath is born. (Explore: A Casual Brutality, Neil Bissoondath)

1989: Daphne Du Maurier dies. (Explore: Rebecca, Don't Look Now, The Birds, Daphne du Maurier, What historical events influenced the writing of the book Rebecca by Daphne..., How does Daphne by Du Maurier blur the fine line between "high" literature...)

1998: Octavio Paz dies. (Explore: Fable, My Life with the Wave, Octavio Paz, The Labyrinth of Solitude, What are some literary devices used in Paz's "As One Listens to the Rain" and...)