Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - December 19

1848: Emily Brontë dies. (Explore: Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë, Remembrance)

1901: Oliver La Farge is born. (Explore: Laughing Boy, Oliver La Farge)

1910: José Lezama Lima is born. (Explore: Paradiso, José Lezama Lima)

1910: Jean Genet is born. (Explore: The Balcony, Jean Genet, Our Lady of the Flowers)

1929: Howard Sackler is born. (Explore: The Great White Hope, Howard Sackler)

1942: Dave Smith is born. (Explore: Dave Smith, Cumberland Station, Southern Crescent, That Moment, Which You Could Love, What of It)

1947: Duncan Campbell Scott dies

1986: V. C. Andrews dies. (Explore: V. C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic)