Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - June 18

1812: The U.S. declares war on Great Britain in the name of “Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights,” commencing the War of 1812. (Explore: The War of 1812, What was the turning point of the War of 1812?)

1815: Allied troops under the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher defeat Napoleon’s French forces at the Battle of Waterloo; Napoleon is exiled to the isle of St. Helena. (Explore: Napoleon, Waterloo, Napoleon, Why and how did Napoleon lose the Battle of Waterloo on Sunday, June 18th, 1815?)

1835: William Cobbett dies. (Explore: William Cobbett)

1871: Leonid (Nikolaevich) Andreyev is born. (Explore: The Seven Who Were Hanged, Leonid Andreyev, Lazarus)

1932: Geoffrey Hill is born. (Explore: Geoffrey Hill, Ovid in the Third Reich, Requiem for the Plantagenet Kings)

1937: Gail Godwin is born. (Explore: Dream Children, Gail Godwin, A Sorrowful Woman)

1982: John Cheever dies. (Explore: The Swimmer, The Country Husband, John Cheever)