Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - August 16

1637: Ben Jonson dies. (Explore: The Alchemist, Song: To Celia, Ben Jonson)

1641: Thomas Heywood dies. (Explore: A Woman Killed with Kindness, Thomas Heywood)

1902: Wallace Thurman is born. (Explore: The Blacker the Berry, Infants of the Spring, Wallace Thurman)

1911: E. F. Schumacher is born. (Explore: Small Is Beautiful, E. F. Schumacher, A Guide for the Perplexed)

1920: Charles Bukowski is born. (Explore: Charles Bukowski, Post Office, Ham on Rye)

1929: Maurice Kenny is born. (Explore: Maurice Kenny)

1932: Christopher Okigbo is born. (Explore: Christopher Ifekandu Okigbo, Siren, Christopher Okigbo)

1936: Grazia Deledda dies. (Explore: The Mother, Grazia Deledda)

1949: Margaret Mitchell dies. (Explore: Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell, What's the summary of each part in Gone with the Wind novel?)

1949: Graham Swift is born. (Explore: Waterland, Graham Swift, Learning to Swim)