Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - January 16

1599: Edmund Spenser dies. (Explore: Mother Hubberds Tale, Edmund Spenser, The Lyric Poetry of Spenser)

1874: Robert W. Service is born. (Explore: Robert W. Service)

1923: Anthony Hecht is born. (Explore: The Book of Yolek, Anthony Hecht, Millions of Strange Shadows)

1928: William Kennedy is born. (Explore: Ironweed, The Albany Cycle, William Kennedy)

1936: Estela Portillo Trambley is born. (Explore: Estela Portillo Trambley)

1938: Robert Lipsyte is born. (Explore: The Contender, Free to Be Muhammad Ali, Robert Lipsyte)

2001: Auberon Waugh dies. (Explore: Auberon Waugh)