Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - March 13

1900: Giorgos Seferiadis (Giorgos Seferis) is born. (Explore: George Seferis, Mythistorema, Giorgos Stylianou Seferiades)

1911: L. Ron Hubbard is born. (Explore: Mission Earth, Volume I, Fear/Typewriter in the Sky, Slaves of Sleep)

1914: W. O. Mitchell is born. (Explore: Who Has Seen the Wind, W. O. Mitchell)

1935: John Pepper Clark is born. (Explore: The Raft, John Pepper Clark)

1943: Stephen Vincent Benét dies. (Explore: Stephen Vincent Benét, By the Waters of Babylon, The Poetry of Benet)

1958: Caryl Phillips is born. (Explore: Caryl Phillips, Crossing the River, A Distant Shore)