Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - September 11

1862: William Sydney Porter (“O. Henry”) is born. (Explore: Mammon and the Archer, O. Henry, The Cop and the Anthem)

1885: D. H. Lawrence is born. (Explore: The Rocking-Horse Winner, The Rainbow, D. H. Lawrence, The Blind Man)

1928: William X. Kienzle is born. (Explore: Deadline for a Critic, The Bishop As Pawn, William X(avier) Kienzle)

1934: Leon Rooke is born. (Explore: Shakespeare's Dog, Leon Rooke)

1958: Robert W. Service dies. (Explore: Robert W. Service)

2001: Members of the Al-Quaeda terrorist network commandeer and crash four commercial airliners, destroying New York’s World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon, killing nearly 3,000 American citizens. (Explore: What has been the lasting effect on our society of the September 11th..., How was September 11th a TERRORIST attack?)