Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - May 1

1672: Joseph Addison is born. (Explore: Joseph Addison, The Spectator)

1700: John Dryden dies. (Explore: John Dryden, What is the critical analysis of "Epigram on Milton" by John Dryden?)

1881: The Haymarket Bombing occurs in Chicago. (Explore: What was the Haymarket Bombing, and what effects did it have on U.S. society?)

1901: Sterling Brown is born. (Explore: Sterling Brown, Sterling Allen Brown)

1922: Tad Mosel is born. (Explore: Tad Mosel)

1923: Joseph Heller is born. (Explore: Catch-22, Joseph Heller)

1998: Eldridge Cleaver dies. (Explore: Soul on Ice, Eldridge Cleaver)