Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - April 1

1868: Edmond Rostand is born. (Explore: Cyrano de Bergerac, L' Aiglon, Edmond Rostand)

1901: Whittaker Chambers is born. (Explore: Whittaker Chambers)

1922: William Manchester is born. (Explore: The Death of a President, The Last Lion, American Caesar)

1926: Anne McCaffrey is born. (Explore: Dragonsong, Dragonflight Trilogy, Anne McCaffrey)

1929: Milan Kundera is born. (Explore: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Hitchhiking Game, Milan Kundera)

1931: Rolf Hochhuth is born. (Explore: Rolf Hochhuth, The Deputy)

1933: Germany’s Nazi government decrees a general boycott of all Jewish-owned businesses

1942: Samuel R. Delany is born. (Explore: Dhalgren, Samuel R. Delany, Babel-17)

1952: Ferenc Molnar dies. (Explore: Liliom, Ferenc Molnár)