Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - November 1

1871: Stephen Crane is born. (Explore: The Red Badge of Courage, An Episode of War, Stephen Crane)

1880: Sholem Asch is born. (Explore: The Apostle, The Nazarene, Sholem Asch)

1903: Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen dies. (Explore: Theodor Mommsen)

1907: Alfred Jarry dies. (Explore: Ubu Roi, Alfred Jarry)

1930: A. R. Gurney Jr. is born. (Explore: A. R. Gurney, Jr.)

1938: Nicholasa Mohr is born. (Explore: Nicholasa Mohr, Aunt Rosana's Rocker, The English Lesson)

1944: Mary Chase’s drama Harvey is first performed. (Explore: Harvey, Mary Chase)