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  • Pride and Prejudice
    I was able to find information about this for another enotes visitor. What I read was that the self-restraint is what represents what was considered "normal" as far as the actions of the women of...

    Asked by dreams99 on via web

    1 educator answer

  • The Egypt Game
    "The Egypt Game" was written by Kilpha Keatley Snyder. It is the story of two girls Melanie Ross and April Hall. A man in the town called the Professor owns a small shop that sells oddities....

    Asked by jgms1012 on via web

  • The Lord of the Rings
    The first convention would probably be the focus on the actions of the hero against the backdrop of important historical events. The hero's actions, at least in part, shape the outcome of these...

    Asked by coolbhl on via web

    2 educator answers

  • Lord of the Flies
    You could say that both Ralph and Jack abuse their power in this book. Both of them do this quite a bit in their dealings with Piggy. From the beginning of the book, Ralph abuses Piggy. He calls...

    Asked by mohammed77 on via web

    3 educator answers

  • The Expedition of Humphry Clinker
    The Expedition of Humphry Clinker is an 18th century picareque novel presented in the form of letters (epistles) written by six different characters: Matthew Bramble, a Welsh Squire; his sister...

    Asked by lacry on via web

  • The Masque of the Red Death
    In "The Masque of Red Death" Prince Prospero and his friends lock themselves in a secured castle to avoid becoming in contact with "The Red Death", which is an epidemic that is killing everyone in...

    Asked by kolya on via web

    2 educator answers

  • To Kill a Mockingbird
    The episode you are talking about happens in Chapter 6. In it, Jem gets his pants stuck in the fence at the Radleys' and has to leave them there so he can escape. When he comes back in the night...

    Asked by jaygetit on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Macbeth
    Macduff is the hero of the play, the only loyal thane Macbeth does not kill. His arrival foreshadows the confrontation he will later have with Macbeth in Act V. His knocking on the gate awakens...

    Asked by homeworkguy on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Kew Gardens
    Impressionism may be defined as a literary style characterized by the use of details and mental associations to evoke subjective and sensory impressions rather than the re-creation of objective...

    Asked by shahrzadeh on via web

  • Charles Baudelaire
    This poem is one of Baudelaire's "corpse poems" from a larger work THE FLOWERS OF EVIL. In the poem, the speaker is taking a stroll with his lover when he comes upon the carcass. In order to...

    Asked by shahrzadeh on via web

    2 educator answers

  • To a Skylark
    In the poems "To a Skylark" and "To the Skylark" by Wordsworth and Shelley, both poets see the skylark as something spiritual or celestial. Wordsworth begins calls the skylark an "ethereal...

    Asked by samsir on via web

    1 educator answer

  • The Little Prince
    The narrator meets the little prince in the Sahara desert. The Narrator's plane crashed (or he had to make an emergency landing there). This was inspired by the author's actual plane crash in the...

    Asked by babegirl on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Law and Politics
    The Taft-Hartley Act was, as you say, passed in 1947. It was a reaction to the pro-union laws (like the Wagner Act and the National Labor Relations Act) that had been passed during the Great...

    Asked by niknakpattywak on via web

    2 educator answers

  • John Masefield
    In the poem 'The West Wind' by John Masefield, the poet starts by describing,with very poetic imagery of birds, how the west wind is different from other winds 'it's a warm wind, full of birds'...

    Asked by shubhamss on via web

    3 educator answers

  • Never Cry Wolf
    Farley Mowat wrote Never Cry Wolf to expose the activities of the hunting and gaming industry and their tendencies to blame anything but themselves for loss of animal life. In the story, Mowat is...

    Asked by cctonycc on via web

    1 educator answer

  • In the Country of Men
    In The Country of Men by Hisham Matar reveals the dominance of men and the impotence of women through the relations of Suleiman's mother to his father and to him. When the father is present, his...

    Asked by kukku93 on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Math
    Since this is a quadratic equation, one way to solve it is by factoring. That does not always work, but this time it does work pretty easily. This equation can factor down like this: (2x-1)(x+5) =...

    Asked by kadymckinnon on via web

    1 educator answer

  • The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox
    In the gripping tale of Esme in The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, the end of the story brings a reversal of power roles between the sisters Esme and Kitty. Kitty now has Alzheimer's disease and...

    Asked by tennisgal on via web

    1 educator answer

  • The Caretaker
    In the play 'The Caretaker' by Harold Pinter, violence is very closely tied in with power. This starts right from the beginning of the play - Davies is rescued from a the potentially dangerous...

    Asked by halida on via web

    1 educator answer

  • She Stoops to Conquer
    In 'She Stoops to Conquer' Mr. Hardcastle is an important character. While writing as essay on Mr. Hardcastle you may develope the following points( I'm adding a few quotes from the text; you may...

    Asked by youyou on via web

  • The Misanthrope
    In France the theatre was a center of social hovering because, at that time, the Kingdom of Louis XIV had brought so much patronage to the arts, and so many riches to the country (not to mention...

    Asked by envy22 on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Kubla Khan
    This poem is not very easy to summarize because it is not really about anything -- it doesn't have a plot. The great majority of the poem is just a description of the "pleasure dome" that Kubla...

    Asked by frinds on via web

    2 educator answers

  • Business
    The term "dfx" is not really a well established standard term used in industry, business or management. Two meaning of this term I know are "design for excellence" and "design for X" As per the...

    Asked by simanchal11 on via web

  • John Donne
    Surprisingly, I find Donne to be an underrated poet of love. Through his metaphysical exploration of what is and what could be, Donne revealed different aspects of love's components. I think...

    Asked by bithi on via web

    2 educator answers

  • Our Casuarina Tree
    At the beginning of the poem 'The Casuarina Tree' the poet likens the Casuarina tree to a giant wearing a scarf of creeper. The creeper winds around the trunk like a python. We imagine the tree to...

    Asked by rasesh1 on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Riders to the Sea
    In Synge's Riders to the Sea, Cathleen hides a "bundle" given to her by the area's young priest in the turf-loft. The bundle is a "shirt and a plain stocking were got off a drowned man in...

    Asked by xtiana on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
    The tick is a small insect that uses its sense of smell to locate victims, and then sucks the blood from that victim. Ticks do not spend a lot of time moving around, and they rarely interact with...

    Asked by tonirichardson on via web

    2 educator answers

  • Romeo and Juliet
    I would argue that Sampson does not present a portrait of love at all, but rather a paternalistic and extremely sexual attitude toward women in the play. He appears in Act I, scene 1 with Gregory,...

    Asked by bekkiifooo on via web

    1 educator answer

  • The Solitary Reaper
    A general all-encompassing theme for both the reaper's song and the poet's feelings might be classed under 'remembrance.' It is interesting for us too to remember that the poet wishes he could stay...

    Asked by angel122 on via web

    1 educator answer

  • John Dryden
    Lyrical poetry, or lyric poems, is a category under which various types of poems fall. Sonnets are lyric poems as are elegies and odes. Each of these types of lyric poems has its own structural...

    Asked by tipputhyagarajan on via web

    1 educator answer

  • The Magician's Nephew
    Two lessons seem to be embedded in the events in London brought about by Jadis's unintended entry with Digory and Polly when they used the green ring to return home. The first and most obvious is...

    Asked by renayun on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Science
    The manner of preparation I shall describe for you in 5 steps: 1) You have to calculate the molar mass of NaCl solution. For this reason, you will add the mass of a mole of Na with the mass of a...

    Asked by electrika on via web

  • Great Expectations
    It's a little bit of all of those elements. Pip's guilt certainly stems from his poor treatment of Joe when Joe visits him in London. Pip is snobbish and condescending towards Joe, who has been...

    Asked by focusonme on via web

    2 educator answers

  • Science
    There are three types of reactions with water, in which water is the solvent: Oxidation-Reduction Reactions,Acid-Base Reactions,Precipitation Reactions. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions In this type...

    Asked by jolyanne on via web

  • Science
    Because the chemical content of buds and oil, rich in Eugenol, is brought a range of therapeutic effects: antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anesthetic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory,...

    Asked by denyss on via web

  • Science
    Octopuses Mating There are 289 of octopuses in the world, and the female octopus will mate only once during life. The penis of a male octopus, called hectocotylus , is formed in the third...

    Asked by maisaphie on via web

  • Science
    Animals in mythology occupy great importance. In many examples, animals were manifestations of a divine power. This can be seen fairly powerfully in Greek mythology. For instance, Artemis, the...

    Asked by kikiri on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Math
    Humpback whales are the most beloved of all whales, in this view, despite the terror that they have been given to pass, during the mass exterminations. As energetic beings, places of where whales...

    Asked by sapon on via web

  • Science
    Most of us know that turtle is the most living creature.But the highest longevity in the world,a shell has it. The shell was found on the coast of Iceland, by a team of British researchers. The...

    Asked by babysana on via web

  • The Leap
    That "The Leap" would end in a flashback can be predicted from the tone of the story and from things the narrator emphasizes, such as "read all night" and "owe[ing]" her "existence" to her mother....

    Asked by bella27059 on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Science
    The tallest living animal on land is the giraffe. It is 5.5 meters tall while its shoulders stand at a height of 2.5 meters. Some facts about the Giraffes are as follows: . An adult male giraffe...

    Asked by corrcorina on via web

  • Science
    The moon, currently considered to be earths only satellite is covered with craters and dark lunar maria. The moon has no atmosphere which makes it clear and easily seen. The craters can be...

    Asked by merishorverde on via web

  • 1984
    In George Orwell’s book "1984" the people live in a controlled environment. They have limited resources which are provided through rations from the government. Everyday use items such as razors...

    Asked by tmaster2241 on via web

  • Math
    To examine the inequality a+1/a >2. Solution: Let f(a) =a+1/a >=2. This implies, (a^2-2a+1)^2/a >=0 or f(a) = (a-1)^2/a >=0 Now the numerator is positive for all a ,postive or negative...

    Asked by greynose on via web

  • Math
    x^2 - 4x + 5 >= 1 Subtract 1 from both sides: ==> x^2 - 4x + 4 >= 0 Now let us factor: ==> (x-2)^2 >= 0 The value is always positive for all x values except for x=2 where it equals...

    Asked by sirserie on via web

    1 educator answer

  • Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel)
    Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) has contributed to society by changing children's books. He made children's books more interesting and more fanciful. His use of nonsense words, catchy rhymes and very...

    Asked by eagerbeaver on via web

    6 educator answers

  • Math
    If m^2 + 2m = -1 calculate m^4 + 4m^3 + 6m^2 + 4m + 1 Proof: Given that m^2+2m= -1 or m^2+2m+1 = 0 or (m+1)^2 =0.........................(1). To find the vvalue of, m^4 + 4m^3 + 6m^2 + 4m + 1 We...

    Asked by leeaeel on via web

  • Math
    To find the minimum value for x^2+14x+50. Solution: x^2+14x+10 = x+14x +7^2 -7^2 +50 =(x+7)^2 - 49+50 =(x+7)^2+1 >= 1 for all x, as (x+7)^2 is always positive and least when x=-7. Theast value...

    Asked by potziunea on via web

  • Math
    x=sqrt(2-sqrt3)^2. To find x+sqrt3. Solution: x= x=sqrt(2-sqrt3)^2. ={ (2-sqrt3)^2}^(1/2). =(2-sqt3)^((1/2)*2) Therefore, x=2-sqrt3, Adding sqrt3 to both sides we get, x+sqrt3 = 2

    Asked by deuxtoi on via web

  • Into Thin Air
    I would certainly not advise taking a pre-AP test for any work based on Spark Notes. Most honors and AP teachers are very familiar with Spark Notes and other such sites and base their tests on...

    Asked by shyfry on via web

    5 educator answers

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