In Zlata's Diary what are her mom's and dad's biggest fears?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As the war draws closer, the biggest fear for Zlata's family is their security and safety.

Zlata's parents' fears start off very general. Zlata remarks how worried her parents are about the destruction of cities and people's lives. Examples of this would be their sadness over the bombing of Dubrovic, the city where they were engaged. Their concerns move towards how the war is impacting family friends. Once such instance is their concern about Srdjan, a family friend. Both parents' fears also focus on fuel and food shortages, and trying to insulate their children from the horrific realities of war.

However, as the war moves closer, safety and security become their biggest fears. Zlata's mother's and father's become scared as to how the family will withstand the shelling that is a part of the war: “We’ve rearranged things in the apartment. My room and Mommy and Daddy’s are too dangerous to be in…. We’ve turned everything around for safety.”  Zlata's mother's fears even extend to Zlata taking a field trip. Zlata writes that her mother says she shouldn't go and thus she does not. Zlata's father's concern prompts him to make the family retreat to the cellar to avoid the war's destruction. 

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