Zirconium has a density of 6.52 g/cm^3 a. Calculate the mass (in kg) of a block of Zirconium that measure 8.55 cm by 2.40 cm by 1.04 cm.

llltkl | Student

Volume of the block of Zirconium=`(8.55*2.40*1.04)` ` cm^3`

=`21.3408` `cm^3`

We know that Density=Mass/Volume

Zirconium has a density of `6.52` `gcm^-3`

Hence, its Mass=Density*Volume

=`(6.52*21.3408)` g

=`139.142` g

=`(139.142/1000)` Kg

=`0.139142` Kg.

Therefore, the mass of the block of Zirconium is 0.139142 Kg.

ayl0124 | Student

The equation for density is:

`"D" = "M/V"`

The equation for the volume of a block is:

`"V" = "l"xx"w"xx"h"`

To find the volume of the zirconium block, plug in your known values:

`"V" = 8.55 xx 2.40 xx 1.04 = 21.3408`

Now that you know "V," you can plug it into the density equation and solve for "M."

`6.52 = "M"/21.3408`

`139.142 = "M"`

The answer is in grams. Use dimensional analysis to convert it into kilograms.

`139.142"g" = (1"kg")/(1000"g") = 0.139142"kg"`

Your final answer should be 0.139 kilograms. There should be three sig figs.