In Zindel's The Pigman, what is Lorraine's nightmare about? What incident does the dream foreshadow?  

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In Lorraine's nightmare, the pig room beckons to her. Despite her apprehension, she is irresistibly drawn to it by unseen forces.

In her dream, Lorraine screams for John, but there is no answer. Upon entrance into the room, Lorraine realizes that the pigs are not on the table. Instead, they are arranged on top of a long, black container. To her horror, Lorraine suspects that the container is a coffin.

Almost at once, unseen forces compel her to open the container. Lorraine relates that her hands become cold when she touches the coffin-like box. As the lid begins to rise slowly, Lorraine screams. It is at this point that she wakes up from her nightmare.

Lorraine's terrible dream foreshadows the destruction of Mr. Pignati's prized ceramic pig collection and Mr. Pignati's own death.

In Chapter 13, John tries to stop Norton from stealing an oscilloscope from Mr. Pignati's home. Unfortunately, Norton manages to get away. Before leaving, Norton maliciously destroys much of Mr. Pignati's pig collection. In the midst of this fracas, Mr. Pignati returns to his home.

The chapter ends with John passing out from a combination of shock and a violent tussle with Norton. Meanwhile, Mr. Pignati arrives just in time to see what's left of his beloved pig collection.

The depth of John and Lorraine's betrayal and the loss of his prized pig collection destroys all of Mr. Pignati's will to live. As the book ends, he dies of a heart attack. Thus, Lorraine's nightmare becomes reality.

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Lorraine has a dream that she is in Mr. Pignati's house.  She is forced to walk into his pig collection room.  Once in the room, she sees the pigs on a black coffin.  Lorraine believes that the dream is a bad omen of sorts.  She's not wrong either.  The dream does foreshadow two heartbreaking events.  

The first event is the death of Mr. Pignati's pig collection.  John decides to have a small party at Mr. Pignati's house while Mr. Pignati is still recovering in the hospital.  Things get out of hand when Norton shows up, and Norton destroys the pig collection.  Lorraine's dream shows the pigs on a coffin, so it basically hints that the pigs will die.  

The dream also foreshadows Mr. Pignati's death.  At the end of the novel, Mr. Pignati suffers another heart attack, and this time it kills him.  The coffin in Lorraine's dream is not only meant for the pigs, but also for Mr. Pignati.  

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