In Zindel's The Pigman, what animals do John and Lorraine encounter on their zoo trip?

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In Zindel's The Pigman, John and Lorraine meet Mr. Pignati at the zoo in the middle of chapter 6. While waiting for Mr. Pignati to arrive, John watches the sea-lion pool. This is when Lorraine remembers why she doesn't like going to zoos. One time she saw the way sea-lions were carelessly fed and it made her not want to visit again. Against her feelings about zoos, however, Lorraine enters it with John and Mr. Pignati when he arrives. First, Lorraine feels as though she is attacked by a peacock. Mr. Pignati tries to calm her down by saying that the bird actually likes her, but this doesn't help her feel comfortable. Then they go into the nocturnal room of the Mammal Building. They see "owls, pottos, and cute little vampire bats" (59). John likes seeing the vultures, snakes and alligators. Next, the group visits tortoises, pythons and puff adders. Finally, the best part of the zoo for Mr. Pignati is a baboon named Bobo. 

John and Lorraine leave Mr. Pignati with Bobo while they take a train ride around the zoo. They see the following animals while on the train ride:

". . . the bald eagle . . . white-tailed deer, tahr goats, three white-bearded gnu, lions, one otter, a black leopard, a striped hyena . . . two cheetahs . . . four Bengal tigers, a Kodiak bear, an American bear, a polar bear, two hippos . . . an eight-ton bull elephant, and a giant anteater" (63).

Mr. Pignati loves Bobo the best, though. His whole reason for going to the zoo is to see the baboon. Mr. Pignati says that Bobo is his best friend, which seems very sad, but at least John and Lorraine are able to see all of the many different animals at the zoo that day. 

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