In Zindel's The Pigman, how does Mr. Pignati show his affection for John and Lorraine?

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In Zindel's The Pigman, Mr. Pignati shows affection for John and Lorraine in many ways. He's like the grandfather neither one of them ever had. First, when he meets them at the zoo in chapter 6, he buys them popcorn and peanuts. He also introduces them to his baboon friend, Bobo. Next, each time John and Lorraine visit Mr. Pignati at his house, he treats them like adults. For example, he offers them wine and engages them in philosophical or fun discussions. Then in chapter 8, Mr. Pignati takes John and Lorraine to Beekman's Department store in Manhattan. They get to ride the ferry and the subway on the way over there; then, he buys them anything they want, which is different behavior compared to their stingy parents. He buys them candy, popcorn, frog legs with bean soup, and roller skates. Mr. Pignati even offers to buy Lorraine some nylons. Lorraine actually decides to buy three pairs of nylons for her mother to wear to work. Mr. Pignati ultimately shows his affection for John and Lorraine by being a good friend to them in any way possible. He loves sharing his life with them, which in turn demonstrates his affection for them as well. 

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