Is Zifa sterile or impotent?This question is about Zifa in "Song of a Goat" by John Pepper Clark.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This one act play by John Pepper Clark, is about a man from a small village in Delta Province, Nigeria.  Zifa is a pilot of a boat and a fisherman in the village.  He is married but has not been able to make his wife pregnant with an heir.  He is impotent and unable to pro-create.  Zifa is angry and won't listen to the village doctor and his wife eventually becomes pregnant by her brother-in-law.  Zifa is very angry about this event and sacrifices a goat as a symbol of this shame brought on his family.  The most interesting thing about this play for me is that Clark has given two different endings for the play.  this was unique for a play in 1961.

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