Zhou dynasty What innovative contributions to Chinese political, economic, and social development were made by the Zhou Dynasty? Give examples of each

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The Zhou dynasty created a new political system in its domain shortly after coming to power in 1046 BCE. Instead of removing the former Shang dynasty families completely from power, the Zhous allowed certain Shangs who pledged obedience to maintain their power. They also strengthened ties to the old Shang dynasty through intermarriage. This practice left many aspects of the older political order in place but secured it firmly under the control of the new political dynasty.

Perhaps the most innovative political and social change introduced by the Zhou dynasty was the Mandate of Heaven. This idea stated that tian (heaven) sought harmony with the earth. Earthly rulers were given permission to rule by the gods. They needed to live moral lives and rule justly or the gods would have them overthrown and replaced. The Zhous used this argument to justify their overthrow of the Shangs, who they argued had lost the Mandate of Heaven due to their cruelty and extravagance. The concept of the Mandate...

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