Zaroff gives Rainsford a sketch of his personal background in "The Most Dangerous Game." Explain the three most important details about his life.

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It's hard to pin down only three important events that happened in the globe-trotting life of the big game hunter and former Cossack general. As a youth, Zaroff led a privileged life as the son of his wealthy Russian landowner. This leads to Zaroff's love of the finer things in life, from food and drink to the beautiful furniture that fills his chateau. Next, Zaroff turns to the military, where he becomes a general commanding a troop of Cossack soldiers faithful to the Czar. His work strengthens his leadership abilities and acquaints him with killing--two traits that he takes with him to his little island in the Caribbean. After the Czar is deposed, Zaroff turns his full attention to big game hunting. When the thrill of the hunt begins to bore him, Zaroff comes up with a new, if diabolical, idea: hunting the human kind. Zaroff believes that this most dangerous game will provide him with new vigor and a renewed interest in the kill, and the unexpected arrival of fellow expert hunter Sanger Rainsford provides them both with the hunt of their lives. 

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