In The Secret Life of Bees, Zach says to Lily, " We can't think of changing our skin... change the world--that's how we gotta think." What insight does this reveal about Zach?

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This clearly reveals a lot about Zach's character and how he views the issue of racism in his world. For him, the solution to racism is not about trying to act white or to blend into a white world or even to withdraw from it completely and life segregated lives where blacks can live without fear and in peace. Zach understands that the only solution to the issue of racism is to change the entire world and the attitudes that have created racism in the first place.

This is obviously a very radical solution and it clearly shows the commitment that Zach has to change, no matter how difficult. It also seems to foreshadow the Civil Rights movement and their battle for equality and their refusal to live in a world that was shaped for them by whites any more. This quote tells us that Zach is a passionate, principled and committed individual who sets himself to do what is right no matter how hard or challenging that path may be.


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