"You've always been a tourist here, you just didn't know it." What is important about this quotation from The Kite Runner?It is a quote that someone says.

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This quotation is attributed to Farid, the Tajik driver who has been hired to transport Amir from Pakiston into Afghanistan. Farid is initially disgusted with Amir, who sports a fake beard in order to prevent his identification by the Taliban. Farid is hostile toward Afghani natives who have forsaken their country, moving to the United States instead of fighting their holy war with the Taliban. Farid believes Amir is just another ex-citizen who has returned to

"Sell this land, sell that house, collect the money and run away like a mouse. Go back to American and spend the money on a family vacation to Mexico."

Farid's remark about being a tourist in his own land suggests that Amir's life of prosperity while living in Kabul was not like most citizens of Afghanistan. Farid imagined--correctly--that Amir had come from a wealthy family, with Hazara servants and a father who "drove an American car."

"And I would bet my first son's eyes that this is the first time you've ever worn a pakol... Am I close?"

And, when the Russians invaded, Amir and Baba left their homeland for the safety of California. Farid was right on target about Amir's past, but he later came to respect Amir when he came to understand his true reason for returning to Afghanistan: to rescue his nephew, Sohrab.

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