What are your thoughts about this article by Bill Clinton?Bill clinton, interesting insights into a leader's art. "easystrategy/art-of-listening-"

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I think it is a very good article. The former President has an important leadership skill of conveying interest to the other party. Effective listening skills are critical in politics and business. He is very good at this.

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The writer of the article (not Bill Clinton) demonstrates a mastery of the craft of story telling by lacing his comments with derogatory details regarding the incoherent woman and leading up the realization that exactly those types of details are to be avoided. This is an example of irony, which the writer produced nicely. 

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Never underestimate the art of listening.  Clinton has always struck me as being extremely charismatic. Like post #2 said, he knows how to connect with people.  You can do more for building a relationship in ten minutes of listening than you could ever acheive with an hour's worth of talk.


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I believe you are referring to this article: http://www.easy-strategy.com/art-of-listening.html.

It is a pretty impressive story that fits in with much of what I've always heard about the former president. For all his faults, he has a remarkable ability to connect with people, and as the author observes, this is a major component of effective leadership. Clinton was a consummate politician, and effective politicians make people feel like they are being heard, and that their concerns matter.  

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