Your state law enforcement agency has been tasked with enforcing federal immigration laws. What issues should you be prepared to address with your officers, and how would you handle the influx of undocumented immigrants to your state?

The issues one should be prepared to address with their officers to handle an influx of undocumented immigrants could relate to current issues with America’s immigration system and why a state might adopt less punishing policies.

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Considering the current political reality, one will probably have to address the punitive element of the United States immigration system with their officers. Since the mid-1990s, both Republican and Democratic presidents have enacted immigration laws that, to different degrees, have sought to punish and deter certain kinds of immigrants from coming to America. Again, if one takes into consideration the reality of America’s immigration system, the main issues will likely revolve around how to detain, send back, and prevent the influx of undocumented immigrants.

In a more idealistic context, it’s possible that this state law enforcement agency will deviate from the harsh federal immigration laws and take a more compassionate stance towards the influx of undocumented immigrants. In fact, some states already do this; they’re called sanctuary cities or sanctuary states. In this context, one will probably want to bring up issues that have to do with the immigrants’ welfare. They’ll want to make sure that their officers are treating the immigrants humanely. There should be medical care, food, and shelter available. If these services are overwhelmed, hopefully the state law enforcement agency can procure resources to expand them.

In this more positive environment, the influx of undocumented immigrants would be welcomed. The state might go further and help them find permanent homes and stable jobs and treat them like any other person.

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