As a math teacher, if your son or daughter asked you why he or she needed to learn math in school, what would you tell him or her?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Math teaches a person to think on his (or her) feet. It teaches mental calculation skills and allows a person to work out prices in a store when there's discounts, to calculate percentage discounts and so on.

Math helps a person work out a budget and then stck to it by adding up costs. It allows a person to with statistical information such as averages and so on.

When a person has a job and , for example, gets an increase, math allows that person to calculate what his increase is.

Math is a logical subject so teaches a person to think logically, in a sequence. So math exercises the brain and forces a person to find the correct solution. Most math problems have a specific solution not various solutions. Critical thinking skills are therefore enhanced.

So in a nutshell, math teaches:

  1. mental calculation skills
  2. logical thinking
  3. enhanced critical thinking
  4. problem solving skills
  5. skills to work with budgets, percentages, averages, general  statistics
oldnick | Student

Wherever you set your gaze is mat. unforunately math isn't always so clear how has to get into a subject. But this is the reasl engine of human mind. Math is logic,  and mind is logic, Math is to think , is to solve problem and to learn to solve problems greater than, coming on and on. A math student have to be patient, an dont' await to know at once what problem  produced a particular subject. Math is as well as a house, often to see all shaped have to build it  brik to brick, step on step.They report story of a  Pitagora's student ask him "what is math fruitfull like" and he asked an assistant to give student a coin afterword to fire him out.  Be patient , learn to love math berfore ,and  step to spet you are able to see "what fruictfull is like".