What were your reactions to the shooting of Candy's dog In Of Mice and Men?

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I had three reactions when Candy's dog was shot. 

First, the world of the men on the ranch was a brutal one that was based on what one could do. In other words, Candy's dog was basically useless now because of its age.  It was once a great dog, but now it just existed.  In this world, uselessness equals death.  

Second, I thought Candy was next.  Candy was pretty much useless as well on account of his age and his handicap. In light of this, I felt very sorry for Candy's future.  Slim, who is he most respected person on the ranch, says these words: "I wisht somebody’d shoot me if I get old an’ a cripple."


Third, I thought that Carlson, the one who shot the dog, was representative of the other men. In other words, the other men gave their approval of the shooting as well.  This shows that the men may have a point.  Perhaps it was most merciful to put down the dog.  Therefore, the theme of euthanasia is introduced. 

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