How can we apply ethics into the analysis of life lessons learned?

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Ethics constitute the sum of moral principles that guide the choices that you make. 

When you abide by rules and self-applied limitations you are expected to lead a more productive and organized life. This is because, instead of living life "on the loose" without clue or purpose, you have a checklist of do's and don'ts that taper whatever wild impulse or uninformed decision you feel forced to make.

Analyzing life lessons learned under an ethical perspective means to explain what you have learned in life that has either prompted you to adopt an ethical guideline, or that has occurred as a result of having applied ethics into your daily life.

One good example commonly heard is the rationale behind why people turn to veganism. 

The ethical treatment of animals has been a topic of much discussion especially after the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) organization leaked videos taken in dairy farms that show cruelty in the manner in which animals are disposed of to be processed for the food market. Moreover, PETA also argues that using animals for food is wrong in the first place, since most of our diets should not consist of animal products when instead we can choose protein substitutes, fruits and vegetables. 

Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson said that, upon hearing about the treatment animals received just for the sake of feeding and clothing people (not to mention experimentation for make up, perfumes, and other things), she felt selfish and cruel. As a result she created the ethical guideline of eating absolutely no animal products nor wearing fabrics or clothing that had been furnished with animal skin. 

Moreover, the toreador (bullfighter) Álvaro Múnera is famously known for a sudden nervous breakdown he suffered in the middle of a bullfight, after he stabbed the bull the first few times and it began to slow down. Shown in the picture below, Alvaro could not tolerate the cruelty, and publicly expressed his disgust for the sport, citing that he felt worse than trash itself after he saw the eyes of the bull, an innocent creature, staring at him as if asking why he was being stabbed. 

These are two examples of life lessons learned under an ethical perspective. These are the rules by which we make choices and behave throughout our lives. 

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