Describe the most significant events in the story.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the short story," Flowers for Algernon", several significant events occur.  First of all, the reader is introduced to Charlie as a man who has mental handicaps but still tries to improve himself through night school.  Then, the reader watches as his "friends" at his job continually make fun of him which Charlie does not understand.  Then, his teacher Miss Kinnian nominates him for an experimental operation which Charlie consents to do.  When the operation succeeds, Charlie's intelligence grows so that now he can beat Algernon the mouse in the maze race.  He sees the boy at the restaurant and realizes that here is an example of what people do to him. Charlie continually grows smarter, scaring off everyone at  the factory.  Charlie keeps learning to the point that he is smarter than anyone else.  Then he finds that Algernon can no longer do the maze and eventually dies.  Charlie now knows that the operation's effects will wear off, which will be his fate.  Eventually, Charlie returns to his former condition.  I believe that the author wanted us to see what life is like for the disabled and to also speculate about what will be possible in the future.

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