In your opinion, which one of the ten commandments is hard to obey?

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They are all hard to obey. However, I would say that “do not covet” is the most difficult, especially in this day and age. The internet, from social media platforms to sneaky ads, makes it very easy to envy the things and the lifestyles that other people have. In a way, coveting the lives of people we do not know (such as prominent figures on social media) can be harder to get over than coveting the lives of people we actually interact with. This is because people can easily hide the difficult and non-glamorous aspects of their lives from the prodding eyes of social media users and can therefore seem “perfect” and enviable to these users. I think it has always been a natural tendency for people to covet what they cannot have, but I do believe “do not covet” becomes a more difficult commandment to follow as technology continues to play a larger and more varied role in our daily lives.

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