In your opinion, what is the real meaning of love?I'm doing this for a class and we got the chance to pick our own topic and I chose to do a topic on love. Its about what people think really is.

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marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
In your opinion, what is the real meaning of love?

I'm doing this for a class and we got the chance to pick our own topic and I chose to do a topic on love. Its about what people think really is.

  What I know about love is that when you do things for people, you love them.  Take a mother for example.  She conceives that child and nurtures it inside herself for nine months.  It's not always a pleasant nine months and has its dangers to her health.  But the joy she feels at the prospect of becoming a mother knows no bounds!  When that child is born, she "goes down into the valley of death" to bring it into this world.  Many mothers have died giving birth to their children, but it's the ultimate sacrifice!  Then, she spends the next twenty or so years serving that child until he or she is old enough to take care of themselves.  To me, that is true love!


pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To me, love is accepting the other person as they are and not asking them to be someone else.  I don't mean that people in love can't ask each other to change in minor ways, but love, to me, means being able to accept who the other person really is.

When you are truly in love with a person (again, just my opinion) you are free to really be yourself without worrying that the other person is judging you and being critical of you.

When my wife and I were first going together, I knew there were things wrong with me (immaturity, mostly -- I was only 18 after all) but I also knew that she accepted me as is.  I worked to change, but not because she made me.

So, to me love is feeling that the other person totally accepts who you really are (and it is totally accepting the other person...).

jdslinky eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The real meaning of love is based on the relationship because there are different types of love. For example, love between a man and woman (or romantic couple) differs from love between a parent and child. However, in the romantic sense, I think the meaning of love is that which makes you whole. Not to sound cheesy, but if the person makes you realize the good things about your life and the world, then it's love.

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What a great question! Love is an unconditional acceptance of the other person, characterized by fondness and attachment. Simply being in the presence of the other person brings you happiness and contentment. When you experience real love for another, you don't expect anything from the person in return.

lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Love is unconditional. I think there are different kinds of love. There is the type of love you feel for your spouse or mate. There is also the love you feel for your children, which I feel is different even from the love you feel towards other family members.

love is when you feel comfortable enough with someone to speak your mind freely and you can become selfless for them, in some ways. love is having your best friend as your partner. Love can also be with things, you can love food, like me, because it makes you feel good. Love basically makes you feel good, about yourself, about others, and about your relationships. 

giorgiana1976 | Student

To love is the law of life itself, is one of the most sublime actions that a human being is capable of . Love can accompany all  our fundamental actions. If we teach full of love (with passion) we save and we will understand more easily. If we listen with love, we hear more and much better. If we speak with love, our words will gain an unimaginably large force. If we sleep with love in our souls, our sleep will be restful and deep as a child sleep.

As long as we ask something in return of our love, it means that we have not exceeded the ego. How can fit unlimited into something limited? As long as we are selfish, our love is not love.
It is something that looks like love but it's not love. It can be sexual attraction, pity,respect, the need to preserve or protect, but it's not love. In all these, we call it love, but they are anything but limited reflexes of unlimited love. Learning to love truly, without asking anything in return for our love, that's love!

markantonio1998 | Student

Love is the messiest, stupidest, most beautiful thing ever created. It's so easy to fall in love and very difficult to get out of it. You know it's there because there is this warm little fire inside of you that erupts when you see them. You feel it in your bones, in your heart, in your hands, you feel it in your legs, in your lips and fingertips, you feel it all over and it squeezes your heart. Love is so hot it makes you sweat. It makes you shake. It keeps you up at night. It makes you want to be with them all the time. But Love is powerful. It gets to your head and drives you crazy. It hurts. It makes you cry. It's loud arguments. It's punches and kicks. It's drinking away the pain. It's aplogizing. It's make-ups and break-ups. It's running through an airport for one last goodbye. It's sunrises and sunsets. It's late night calls and good morning texts. It's flowers delivered to your job. It's remembering birthdays and anniversaries. It's sharing a routine because you're one now. It's starting over and over because love at first sight is true. It's adventure. It's mystery and secrets shared. It's inside jokes. Its timeless beauty. It's acceptance. Love is abosultly unconditional. No matter what day or time, no matter what year, no matter who's who, love is the strongest most powerful thing ever.

thewanderlust878 | Student

This is a great research topic. As you can see, everyone has their own personal view on what love is. This is very interesting to see, and is definitely something that can be open to interpretation. 

In my opinion, love is feeling that doesn't have to just be towards your significant other. It can be towards pets, a hobby, your family, and of course so many other things. Love is when you are elated to see or be with the person, or doing a certain thing, etc. You are passionate about them/it, you can focus completely on them/it for a period of time. It could even be all that you think about. 

Hope this helps!

crystaltu001 | Student

To me love is when there is a person you think you can always trust and you like being around . Love is when you are comfortable and you feel like you can act or be yourself when you are around them and they wouldn't care how you act and they would accept who you are. 

jess1999 | Student

To me love is when you are definitely comfortable and like to be around the other person . You accept who they really are and they are able to accept who you really are . Love though doesn't have to mean that you're in a relationship since loving your family and friends also count. .

akh6777 | Student

Love is to accept someone for everything they are. Love is to see a person's flaws and to love them anyway.  Love is not always passionate, but accepting.  As love tempers it becomes less of a fire and more of a flame.  It is an agreement between two people to honor each other and care for them no matter what. 

catzeye | Student

for me.. love is having the sense of otherness. but we all know the rule "you cannot give what you do not have" thus, being other-oriented is also being self-oriented. love is all about CONTRIBUTING

sfg13165 | Student

What is love? Well, thats a hard question to answer. But I think love is something you feel, and the only way to know you love someone, is to feel like you cant be with out them, or when their sad you might want to cheer them up. Love is unconditional and love is blind, it has no color, shape, or race. well thats all i really think i know about love. I hope that helped a lil bit.

nusratfarah | Student

In order to get respect from anybody else, whether that be man or woman, you have to have that personality and dignity.

And your views are already very admirable. Keep it up.

mrromantic | Student

I chose this topic because the kids here at this school thinks that love is  ALL ABOUT SEX and I don't like when we present our presentation, they will know the real meaning of love. Some here also call me a punk because I treat women with respect. I have a saying, that says "In order to get respect from a woman, you have to respect yourself. I'm not takin care of no babies. I'm only 17 years old and I'm waiting until I'm married.

epollock | Student

Love means feeling for someone that is so great that one lives in making the person better in every way possible. Living to help others always helps everyone in the end. By putting people first, one ends up bettering their own position as well.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Love is often associated with the desire for the the object of love. This is true to the extent that a person definitely feels the desire for the object of love. However this desire is often confused with love. The fact is that the desire and love are two different things and the desire can exist without love also.

To me the essence of love is feeling of strong liking, admiration and other similar emotion which lead to a desire for serving the object of love rather than having the object of love. Thus the actions prompted by love are not attempts to own or acquire what you love, or even attempts to win the love of the loved one. The action prompted by true love is to serve, and protect what you love, in making the person you love happy, rather than expect him or her to make you happy by loving you. The true joy of love is in loving and and not in being loved.

nusratfarah | Student

Love is the opposite of apathy. But, if I take the topic more personally, I really do not believe that there is purity and respect in love among humans. I think genuine love is extremely rare in today's world. And, love can have different meanings regarding varied relationships, for example: parent-child relationship, teacher-pupil relationship, husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, brother-brother or sister-sister relationship, or brother-sister relationship. Love's meaning, in my opinion, is not confined within the love-affair of a couple. In fact, there is love, in a broader sense, between God and the humans. It is love which makes us real human, not robot.

loraaa | Student


Love is love... ^_*