What is creativity? http://www.csun.edu/~vcpsy00h/creativity/define.htm

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The concept of creativity or creation has varied considerably over different periods. For most cultures, the notion of creativity or invention is nopt so much making something entirely new or something from nothing, but rather finding the appropriate combination of existing materials. So, for example, when we write, we do no invent a new language, but use existing words, syntactic patterns, generic conventions and other pre-existing features to form new discourses. To be insufficiently original is plagiarism, but to be too original (e.g. to invent too many new words, as in "Jabberwocky") is to be difficult to understand.

The term "heuresis" is a Greek word meaning "invention". It does not, however, mean invention ex nihilo, but rather the discovery of places where ideas may be found.

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