In your opinion, what is the American dream?Once attaining the American dream (assuming you believe in the concept), does one achieve happiness?

Expert Answers
William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion the American dream is essentially a materialistic one. It is the dream that has brought so many immigrants to America. They dream of becoming rich and successful. With success and affluence they dream of having beautiful houses full of beautiful furniture, of having affluent and interesting friends, of having beautiful children who excel in school and then go on to have successful careers as doctors, lawyers, business executives, politicians, or whatever. America has always been called "the land of opportunity," and that is the heart and soul of the American dream. You ask if one achieves happiness if they attain the American dream. My experience has shown me that some do and some don't. Happiness, in my opinion, depends a lot on whether or not one marries the right person and on whether or not one has the right vocation. These two considerations are worth giving the utmost soul-searching. Maybe happiness it too big a word. Maybe one should settle for peace of mind.

alilion | Student

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